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Why the Beacon

Because we stake our personal reputations on the work we perform for our clients, we expect extraordinary results. We would like to share what our clients say about us:




“Over the years, we had struggled with how to address our marketing needs. Finding the right resource was an ongoing challenge until we met The Marketing Beacon. Immediately, we saw that The Marketing Beacon understood our business and had the marketing expertise we needed. They have developed the tools we required to improve our sales and business development efforts while creating market awareness for our business. Working with The Marketing Beacon in an outsourced model is a great fit for Jobscope.”

Hank Sanders, President



“Although our company has enjoyed much success over the years, we realized that we had marketing challenges that had not been addressed.  We often talked about putting together a plan, but never did until we began working with The Marketing Beacon.  They came in and developed a custom marketing roadmap that matched where we wanted to take our business.  We simply trust them with managing the plan execution while we focus on running our company.  The results have been tremendous and our market exposure has been fantastic.  We now have market connections that did not exist before working with The Marketing Beacon.  We consider them as a member of our sales and marketing team and cannot imagine our relationship any other way.”

John Wood, CEO


“Aligning ourselves with The Marketing Beacon was one of the best decisions we could have made for satisfying our marketing needs.  They understood our business and their experience in our particular market proved invaluable.  The outsourcing model works and we are highly satisfied with the results they have delivered for our business." 

Bryan Gay, President


Felkel Group

“Skilled, knowledgeable and professional are the words that describe The Marketing Beacon.  When we face a particular situation or have an issue that needs to be addressed, they always tackle the project head-on and deliver outstanding results.  We could not be more pleased with their marketing expertise.”

Chip Felkel, President


"As an optometry practice, we need to remain focused on our healthcare services without having to worry about what to do with our marketing.  Through The Marketing Beacon, we have everything taken care of as they create, implement and manage our marketing activities through an on-going relationship.  We love what they do for us and always receive positive feedback from our patients after our promotions, special events, newsletter distribution and more."

Katie Mendez, Practice Manager


"We knew we needed help with marketing, but didn’t know where to turn or exactly what to do.  Our answer came with The Marketing Beacon.  Over time, our marketing needs have varied and The Marketing Beacon has always risen to the occasion with a professional, well-thought out, strategic approach centered on results.  We value our relationship with them both personally and professionally."   

Jim Farish, CEO


"The Marketing Beacon has served us well with several initiatives that were handled very professionally.  With all project work related to our parent company website and for a former subsidiary, we have been pleased with the results.  It is nice to know we can count on them for any of our marketing needs.  We recommend The Marketing Beacon without hesitation."

Paul W. Nipper, III, President of Strategic Planning and Development


"We were in a situation where our marketing activity had been dormant for a period of time and needed to be revamped.  The Marketing Beacon provided exactly what we needed to gain new exposure to the market through a well-defined marketing plan and approach.  Our market visibility has been successfully increased and the consistency in all deliverables has been outstanding.  We are more than satisfied with the work The Marketing Beacon did for us."  

George Burdette, President and CEO     


"When entrepreneurs law group was being established, we needed everything – from a logo to a firm identity, website and more.  The Marketing Beacon came in and designed a look that fit us perfectly.  As a result, we came out of the gates with a professional image that reflected well on our new start-up.  Even now, we count on them for any marketing needs we may have…and they always deliver!"  

Kevin Hendricks, Attorney


"During a time when we found ourselves in need of a professional marketing resource, we turned to The Marketing Beacon who gave us exactly what we needed.  They quickly addressed an area pertaining to a recent acquisition and provided us with the sales and business development tools our team desired.  We are very pleased and appreciate the marketing expertise that was applied to our solutions."   

Alex Gutierrez, Director of Business Development


Palmetto Technology Group

“Marketing is an area where a business of any size can make big investments with very little return. Small businesses don't have the luxury of making costly mistakes and staying in business for very long. The Marketing Beacon took the guess work out of marketing for PTG. We know that our marketing dollars are going to be invested in the areas that make sense for our business and give us the greatest potential for return.”

Reed Wilson, President


"GRN turned to The Marketing Beacon because we needed expertise in the challenges of marketing a Christian non-profit organization whose mission was not selling goods and services but rather one of proclamation and event management. We are so thankful for the time and patient way in which the Beacon helped us shape our events and online strategy. They helped us redesign our website and gave us some great promotional ideas on reaching new people. We are appreciative of this outstanding company in the Greenville area."  

Melton L. Duncan, Executive Director Gospel Reformation Network


"Outsourcing our marketing makes perfect sense because we do not have the expertise internally.  We know The Marketing Beacon will get any job done timely and professionally. 

This eliminates any worry we may have and gives us a reliable resource for all of our marketing needs.  They are our go-to team and we have full confidence in their marketing capabilities."


Laura Lipscomb, President



Customer Effective

“Customer Effective was looking for ways to continue our rapid growth as the leading provider of Microsft CRM implementation consulting services.  To keep pace and grow properly, we recognized that we needed to develop a marketing toolkit that leverages our successes. The Marketing Beacon has been instrumental in taking the lead to create the right sales and business development tools we needed. Following a well thought out roadmap, we know exactly what marketing initiatives are in process, what has been completed and the outcomes. The Marketing Beacon's approach is strategic and smart with an eye on results. We’re very pleased with our marketing momentum as we continue to forge ahead.”

Scott Millwood, President



“We’ve been extremely pleased with The Marketing Beacon.  Even though our companies are located on opposite coasts, communication is always consistent and reliable.  We had looked for years for a company with their level of marketing expertise and comprehension of our business.  Their approach is logical, methodical and effective.  Working with The Marketing Beacon is easy and the results beyond compare.”

Bob Nichols, President


Skyline Exhibits

“Our plates were full when it came time to plan our new design facility Grand Opening, host the Greenville Chamber’s ‘Business After Hours’ networking event and two Skyline trade show seminars.  By turning to The Marketing Beacon, we were able to stay focused on serving the needs of our clients without the distractions of planning all the event details.  The Marketing Beacon took care of everything from event master planning all the way through execution and management.  The response from attendees was extremely positive and highly complimentary – a big success!”

Steve Hoffman, President



“As a spinout technology company from a large corporation, it was crucial for us to educate the market about our existence.  Early in our business, William Russell (The Marketing Beacon) was able to develop then effectively execute a strategic communications campaign that created market awareness and established credibility.  This effort made a positive impression and was favorably embraced by key media players, industry analysts and market decision makers.  We now have the momentum required to help take our business to the next level.”

Harrell Waldrop, Managing Partner & Principal


"Being a start-up business, we needed marketing help in all areas as we were launching our new venture.  Through The Marketing Beacon, we were able to get a great logo design, business cards, a web shingle as a starter site, and a promotional flyer.  They are easy to work with and very professional in everything they do.  We could not be more pleased!"   

Gion Mendez, Owner


“We have a very targeted law practice and The Marketing Beacon did an outstanding job creating our firm identity package, brochure and web site that properly reflects our professional legal services.  Already, several people have complemented our logo and business cards.  We now have a cohesive package that projects a favorable image and tells our story.  Great job, Marketing Beacon…you absolutely nailed it!”

Patrick C. Fant, III, Founding Member, Fant Law, P.A.



“Our biggest challenge has been to generate new business.  The marketing tools created by The Marketing Beacon have had a direct impact in our landing several new projects.  They know exactly what we need, how to effectively communicate our offerings and hit the ‘hot buttons’ of our target prospects.”

Jeff Childers, Principal, ReliaSys



“The marketing knowledge housed in The Marketing Beacon is evident through their deliverables. It's easy for companies to make claims, but the real measure is whether they come through for you. We're pleased that The Marketing Beacon gets the job done professionally and on schedule to enhance our strategic objectives.”

Tim Hutzel, President / Partner


Gallagher Court Reporting

"We contacted The Marketing Beacon because we were instantly impressed by a logo we had seen, and thankfully we were able to find out that they had produced it.  The Marketing Beacon delivered exactly what we asked for, and more.  They created a logo and complete identity package for GCR that has already provoked positive comments from our clients.  I must commend them for being very tolerant of my perfectionism problem.  The Marketing Beacon went above and beyond what I expected to produce exactly what we were looking for in a logo and company identity package."

Mimi Gallagher, President